Optimised copy & web content

Create exciting and engaging copy for your website's main landing pages that will exude your brand, bring authority to your website and inspire your reader to share it to others. This type of content is vital to help your website rank well yet it can be incredibly time consuming, especially for SME's. Our experienced team of copywriters learn everything about your business and invest the time to create outstanding work for your company.

Drawing on our roots in journalism at top magazine and newspaper publishing houses, Social Streets specialises in creating compelling editorial content that stimulates the readers want desires.  Teamed with keyword search term research and a content strategy plan, our online content will convert to offline action and real world participation.

Good content strategy gives long term and high ranking presence in search engines ensuring that your target users find your content online. Results take longer to achieve but provide foundations for fast future growth and represents the best return on investment.


from £395* per month

This is a good option for startups needing an affordable entry package. You will be able to find good keywords to reach your audience, publish optimised blogs posts that get found, get feedback on performance, and begin to establish yourself as a thought leader. This is also a great option for testing a marketing strategy.


from £1650* per month

This is the best option if you want to get first page ranking for your choice of key word terms; get found in image searches, and grow your audience. This is also good if you want to strengthen values around your brand. You will also get insights into what's working and what's not that will save you money and time. Choose this option if you want to see noticeable and strong results.


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Choose this option if your business is ready for exponential growth. With unlimited posts and professionally made videos and images, you can expect media rich content that will go viral. This option offers an optimum alignment of content strategy with PPC that means your site will dominate search engine page results (SERP).


  • Establish keywords
  • Create unique content fortnightly
  • Shared on your social media platforms
  • See who uses your website

  • One-off setup costs, £345
  • Benefits

  • Create content strategy
  • Unique, fresh content every week
  • Optimised images
  • Seminal articles
  • Shared on your social media platforms
  • Quarterly reports

  • Minimum six month contract

  • Benefits

  • Alignment of content strategy with PPC
  • Unlimited posts
  • Professional video/photo content
  • Monthly reporting

  • Minimum six month contract



    An original article of 300-500 words written in the the third person. Suitable for both timely news stories or evergreen content.


    An article of 300-500 rewritten from an existing article ensuring content is unique but reducing the cost of content creation. Suitable for timely news stories and evergreen content.


    An original article of 1000-1200 words written by a professional writer or journalist and fully optimised by an SEO manager. Suitable for seminal pieces of writing needed to established core values and branding.


    Evergreen content has timeless appeal to readers. Seminal power posts are often evergreen in nature. The opposite of time-sensitive news stories.


    A strategic analysis of the content needed in order to rank for keyword search terms incorporating a calendar events.


    Terms that communicate your brand and core services and terms that will draw your ideal user to your website.


    Acronym for Search Engine Ranking Position. The goal is for website content to rank highly in search engine result pages, ideally on the first page.


    Acronym for Pay Per Click, also called Cost Per Click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked

    *Pricing assumes website is built and hosted by Social Streets using our Growth or Custom Web Package.